CONBODY, developed by former inmate Coss Marte, is the ultimate no-equipment, hardcore workout program. Using military-style bodyweight training techniques that he learned in prison, Coss was able to lose 70 pounds in six months with nothing but the walls and floor of his 9-by-6 prison cell. Now Coss and the CONBODY team bring their fat-torching, muscle-building workouts to you.

Hard Workouts for HARD BODIES! CONBODY gives you high-intensity, prison-style workouts that each take 30 minutes or less to knock out. All it takes is one high-intensity workout a day—before work, on your lunch break, or in place of your nightly TV show—five days a week to help you get in the best shape of your life.

Your Instructors

Coss Marte

COSS MARTE is the owner and creator of CONBODY, a growing gym and fitness business based on bodyweight and inspired by prison workouts. He was a Lower East Side drug dealer running his own crew and making bank before he turned his life around and became a legal entrepreneur committed to helping others get healthy and breaking down stereotypes to help other ex-cons like himself have a second chance at life.

Derek Dresher

DEREK DRESHER spent three years in the Army and roughly seven years in prison, on and off. But then he started running, and everything changed. He lost 60 pounds and learned perseverance. He’s since clocked two sub-4:00 New York City marathons and one ultramarathon, and teaches cardio conditioning classes at CONBODY.

Sultan Malik

SULTAN MALIK managed to stay in incredible shape even when locked up in solitary confinement, making him a master of minimalist fitness. Now he brings his no-excuses approach to his strength- and muscle-building classes at CONBODY, where he’s the senior trainer.



No frills, no gimmicks. Just tough, effective workouts. Are you ready to do the time?

Lose stubborn belly fat: Go hard for 30 minutes and you can send your calorie burn through the roof

Pack on serious muscle: All you need is your own bodyweight—as long as you’re willing to push yourself

Build jaw-dropping strength: Nobody trains as hard as an inmate. Until now. CONBODY will show you how